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We provide a wide variety of residential roofing services including repair, replacement, maintenance, and storm damage repairs. Our specialists will work with you to find the best solution for your home. All our services come with a standard warranty, and we offer extended warranties too. From minor repairs to full replacements, we use only premium materials and equipment to ensure your roof’s longevity. We strive for superior customer service and excellent workmanship in every project we handle too. Browse through our services below to find what you need.

residential Roof Repair in Cypress Tx

Even a small roofing issue can cause major problems if left unattended. Our roof repair services include fixing leaks, replacing damaged shingles, and addressing other roofing issues that may arise. We work quickly and efficiently to address the problem and ensure that your roof is back to optimal condition. Reach out now and we’ll get you scheduled!

Some Common Reasons for Roof Repairs

Daylight in your Attic
If you can see daylight shining through your roof while in the attic, it is a clear sign that you need to have your roof repaired. This issue can be caused by a variety of factors, such as cracks or holes in the roof, missing or damaged shingles, or poor flashing installation. Ignoring this problem can lead to further damage and costly repairs down the line.

Aging Roof
If your roof is 15 years or older, it may be approaching the end of its life. However, proper roof maintenance and repairs can potentially extend its lifespan until you’re ready for a full replacement. Don’t wait until it’s too late, have a professional assess your roof today.

Water Stains on the Ceiling
Seeing water stains on your ceiling? It can be a clear sign that there is a problem with your roof. It is crucial to call a professional roofing company to locate the source of the leak and get it repaired quickly to prevent further damage. Ignoring water stains can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and even compromise the safety of your home.

Other Reasons:
Mold and Mildew Blistering, splitting and surface erosion of shingles – Roof punctures – Loose Shingle Granules in the Gutter – Missing or Cracked Shingles – Chimney Flashing – Sealing roof vents and more

residential Roof Replacement in Cypress Tx

We understand that a damaged roof may need more than just repairs. Our project managers work with you to decide the best material for your home and budget and then perform a thorough installation process. We use only top-grade materials for your new roof to ensure long-lasting protection. We know that replacing a roof can be expensive and stressful, but it’s also an investment that adds not only curb appeal but will last for years to come.

Peace of Mind

What a Roof Replacement From Us Includes

High-quality workmanship with an excellent warranty to back it up.
We offer a no-pressure sales approach with a focus on educating you on all things roofing
We take precautions to protect your property, landscaping, pool, etc.
Peace of mind knowing you have hired a roofing company with very experienced project managers and installation crews.
new roof

residential Roof Maintenance in Cypress Tx

Maintaining your roof regularly is vital to its lifespan and our services such as inspections, cleaning, and repairs can ensure its continued good condition. Contact us now to arrange for a FREE roof inspection so we can determine if maintenance is right for you based on age and condition factors; an annual inspection can help identify issues before they become larger issues.

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is essential in preventing costly damage to your home. A small leak in your roof can quickly escalate into a major problem, damaging sheetrock, wooden supports, and even floors. Moreover, mold can grow in damp environments, leading to further issues.

What To Expect During Routine Roof Maintenance

Our team of certified project managers will thoroughly inspect your roof for any potential issues, including exposed nail heads, cracked or missing sealant, loose or missing flashing, mechanical damage, and builder’s defects. We will seal any exposed nail heads and repair or replace up to ten (10) damaged hip and ridge shingles. We also secure any loose flashing to prevent further damage. By adding roof maintenance to an existing repair, we can save you both time and money.

Storm Damage And Emergency Roof Repair in cypress Tx

We offer storm damage assessment and repair services to address both severe and minor damage. Immediate repair is important, as even small damage can lead to more problems. We specialize in prompt and efficient storm damage repair, with expertise on the unique weather conditions in Houston, TX. Schedule a FREE inspection and estimate to detect any issues before they worsen and potentially cause water damage to the inside of your home or attic.

Types of Storm Damage

Roofing Damage Caused by Hailstorms
Roofing Damage Caused by Windstorms
Roofing Damage Caused by Flying Debris

3 Easy Steps To Getting Your Roof Replaced

1. Schedule Your FREE Roof Inspection & Estimate

 Noticing issues roof issues? Schedule a free inspection with one of our project managers. We’ll assess your roof and provide an honest report with repair or replacement recommendations. Fill out the form below to get started.

2. Free roof inspection and estimate

For total roof replacement, old roof, or insurance claims, we can meet the insurance adjuster at your home to provide representation by an experienced roofing professional. During our free roof inspection and estimate process, we’ll assess your roof, provide a detailed report of any issues, and offer a quote for necessary repairs or replacements.

3. Receive your free roof inspection report

After our team completes the FREE inspection of your roof, we will provide you with a detailed summary in written form that show any issues we found, along with our recommendations for repair or replacement. This report will include the pictures, estimated costs of the roof replacement and next steps to take to make sure your roof is worry free.

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Reach out for any questions about any of our roofing options and we will be happy to help give you the best information to make the most informed decision.

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